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   Part #: Price: $249.95 + Cables / Weight: 1 lb     Patents Pending

Increasing Your Safety Score is easy with Screen Out Screen Blanking Technology.

 The growth of in-vehicle laptops presents a tremendous public safety hazard, as well as a daunting task for safety and fleet executives, Distracted Driving!

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, almost 80 percent of crashes and 65 percent of near-crashes happen within three seconds of some form of driver distraction. This poses a considerable threat as organizations seek to leverage their substantial investments in mobile workforces.

Keep Your Entire Fleet and your Community Safer with Mobile Desk Screen Out Technology from  Mobile Office Solutions

        Mobile Desk / Mobile Office Solutions has been developing and manufacturing "Laptop Screen Blanking Technology" since 2003. Our newest product called Screen Out eliminates the viewing of the laptop screen while the vehicle is in motion.

Coupled with our vehicle laptop mounts and work organizers, we believe that our solutions enable your mobile workforce to deliver benefits in the following main categories: accident reduction, insurance liability,  and increased productivity.

$249.95  + Cables


Protect your Fleet and Your Neighborhoods Today with Screen Out

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  Pick a Wired or BT Wireless Ver.
  5 Year Extended Warranty:
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  • Prevents Users from Using Laptops while Driving
  • Will not Interfere with Resident Applications
  • Allows Drive By Voice GPS Directions to Work
  • Allows the User To Use Laptop Outside the Vehicle
  • Automatically Notifies Superiors of Tampering
  • Reduces Accidents and Injuries   
  • Optional Reporting Services Available  

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  • Dimensions: 3.4" x .4.8"
  • Tamper Proof Design
  • Proprietary Wired and Wireless Technology
  • Compatible with all Fleet Vehicles
  • Compatible with Windows , Win XP, Vista
  • Coming Soon: Android Tablets and Phones

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Compatible with: All Vehicles and Windows OS: XP, Vista, Win 7, iOS  7+ for iPads and iPhones 

Android Tablets and Phones Coming Soon


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