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     Auto Exec Carry Case

Protection and Convenience for Your Auto Exec       Only  $49.95




Part #: MD-AECC-01 Price: $44.95 Shipping Weight: 10.00 lbs

Designed to store and carry any of our Auto Execs, this super lightweight, durable canvas tote also conceals valuable papers, laptops, cell phones, or other mobile office equipment in your trunk or in plain view. Dual handles and a shoulder strap make it easy to carry. A must-have for the Auto Executive!

400 Watt Power Inverter:
Adjustable Visor:
USB Light:
Please List Your Auto Exec Model

30 day Money Back Guarantee

 Features Specifications
  • Makes Your Autoexec Exec Transportable
  • Includes Both Handles and Shoulder Straps
  • Compact Light Weight Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Cases are Unique to the Desk you are Buying
  • Heavy Duty Canvas Construction
  • 1 Year Warranty

Compatible with: All Auto Exec Desks Except the Roadmaster Truck / Select your Desk Below the Buy Button

Code Name                                          "Suggested Options"  Price  
MD–AEPRINT-01 Printer Stand for Auto Exec Series Desks $62.95
MD-AECC-01 Auto Exec Carrying Case or Auto Exec Series Desks $49.95
VM-2085-55 USB Light Light up your Keyboard With our 100,000 Hour USB Light $12.95
MD-AEFileTote File Tote: Keep Your Mobile Office Organized with This Nifty Bag $49.95

Thor 400 Watt Dual Outlet Power Inverter W/ Auto Shut Off 2yr Warranty